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Instagram is an app which is used by so many people in the world that it is considered as one of the biggest social media application. It has over 1 billion active users at the moment. It is a home to many Instagram stars and celebrities and the favorite platform of many people.

Due to its large audience, if you have a problem or if you want to stop seeing someone’s posts or stories on your Instagram feed you can mute them in the app and you won’t be shown their stories or posts. You also hide your activity from followers too because in most of the cases you may not want all of your followers to see your stories or posts. 

Muting someone on Instagram 

How to unmute someone on Instagram?

If you don’t want to see a person’s posts you can always mute them. The procedure here is quite simple, you can just go the person’s profile and click on the arrow next to the following option. Click on mute and the next window will allow you to either mute their stories or posts or both.

Unmuting someone on Instagram

How To Unmute Someone on Instagram?

As we learnt that you can mute on Instagram, you can also unmute someone on Instagram afterwards. This is a quite simple process to do. The muted stories are put in the end of the stories that you are seeing. You swipe until you reach the end of the stories and click on the story and open their account from there. Or you can simply search for the account name.

If you want to unmute someone on Instagram simply follow the below given procedure:

  • Go to the profile of the person you want to unmute using the Instagram application or the browser site if you are using on a computer.
  • Open the profile that you searched for and click on the kittle down arrow located on the right of the following option.
  • You will see an option that says mute, click or touch on that option
  • There can be three situations that can take place. These are
  • You have muted their stories
  • You have muted their posts 
  • You have muted both their posts and stories

In any of these cases just simply unmute the person, if you want you can just unmute their stories or you can just unmute their posts or you can do both based on your choice. These kinds of features make Instagram a very flexible and privacy wise a secure app therefore people prefer it. 

If you want you can just simply unmute someone on Instagram but you can even do this in terms of blocking people. The process of blocking someone on Instagram, who is disturbing you is exactly as easy as the mute and unmute procedure. You can even limit privacies and hide your posts and stories from certain people so that a limited amount of your Instagram followers on audience can see it. There are also many other privacy and security perks that make Instagram such a huge platform and popular among more than a billion people.