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Instagram as an application is very strict in its privacy policies. If your break the Instagram code of conduct there are many chances that a certain of your activity may have violated the terms and conditions of the application and in using a certain feature or features you might be shown a window that says action blocked Instagram. This proves that it keeps a track of all the activities that have going around.

What Causes Action Blocked Instagram?

How to fix action blocked Instagram?

As discussed above, Instagram has a very strict privacy system and there are many reasons which can cause the action blocked Instagram message to popup in front of you. Following are a few of those reasons:

  • Instagram has many rules, and to keep everything under control it monitors user activity on the application. In case you use the app to less you can get action blocked, or even if you upload too much content and spam your audience Instagram can put this under spam and block your activities
  • Other reasons include abusive language, content that violates the Instagram policies, misinformation and other such things can play a huge role in loss of action or blocking on Instagram.

Sometimes these action bans are just for a few hours. This can extend to a day or two of activity blocking if the post you shared or your activity was more violating the rules. In certain cases even after warning by Instagram for not following the policies you still violate it, Instagram can permanently block all your activities and your Instagram ID.

Fixing the Action Block 

How to fix action blocked Instagram?

There are certain ways in which you can tackle the problem of action blocked Instagram. You have to follow them to get your account or activity back as soon as possible. They are:

  • The most basic way to counter this problem is to report a problem. If you feel that you have not breached any rules you can always enter a report and submit it to Instagram for reviewing your case.
  • Sometimes the IP code of your app or the internet can get altered which can result in blocking of your account activities. You can solve this by deleting your app and downloading it again or try to shift to a different internet connection like a different Wi-Fi or mobile data. This will change your IP address to a different one and you will be able to access your account activity.
  • If you haven’t altered the community guidelines before and you get action blocked due to a mistake or something you posted or pressed by mistake there is no need to panic as you will most probably get your account back in one or two days.
  • Sometimes there can be an issue with your device as well, this can be tackled through trying to use a different device to log into your account,

These points can help you sort out all major reasons that can cause an action blocked on Instagram. After sorting all those issues you can increase your followers and keep on your activities on Instagram without any problem.