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Instagram is a blessing in disguise for people who don’t want to hurt the feelings of others’. Like, you have a few friends, distant relatives, or important colleagues that are being followed by you reluctantly or forcefully. And unfortunately, you also don’t like their posts and in these circumstances, you don’t even have an option to unfollow them. But hold your horses because Instagram has a solution to your every problem. Now, by the dint of Instagram, you can mute and unmute on Instagram without even unfollowing them. And you know what’s the best thing that Instagram this feature will not tell to that person that you have muted them. Now the main question is what happens when you mute someone on Instagram.

What Happens When You Mute Someone On Instagram

  • When you mute someone on Instagram it seems the same as that of taking a break from conversations.
  •  You pull yourself out from the whole scene without creating any mess. By muting someone on Instagram you won’t be able to see their pictures and stories on your feed. But at the same time, you can visit his profile and he can see your content. 
  • Instagram saves you from the embarrassment. As it won’t send any notification to the person whom you muted.
  • This feature will also help you from avoiding harassment and bullying factors on social media.
  • You can avoid the continuous bombardment of posts from a specific person
  • You can check the profile of a muted person at any time and can unmute on Instagram; it does not have as such any negative consequence.
  • The whole story of Instagram revolves around the engagement and if your followers have muted you then your algorithm will get disturbed.
  • The sole reason for muting a person or blogger is that he/she is posting irrelevant content with a low-quality image
  • And save us from the tsunami of irrelevant stuff that fills our wall or Instagram feed. This factor can be avoided by muting that person on Instagram.
  • Further, by muting someone on Instagram you organize your friendship line. It also declutters your friend zone on social media.
  • Mostly, when bloggers post irrelevant content that doesn’t fascinate audiences. Then ultimately their audience will mute them. And in return, their engagement will be decreased.

What Happens When You Mute Someone On Instagram

 Tip Not To Get Muted

In case, if you are a blogger and have been worried about your engagement that has been reduced due to the mute feature. Then, no worries, because by adopting a few enlisted behavior and you will be unmated on Instagram along with amplification in engagement rate. 

  • Start sharing quality content
  • Know the interest of your audience
  • Post with moderation; not too little nor too often
  • Try to use relevant hashtags
  • Caption is mandatory
  • Add valuable content
  • Interaction with the audience is the key to engagement

And if you mute someone, it’s not permanent. At any time you can unmute on Instagram without facing any difficulty.


In a nutshell, Instagram is all about valuable and interesting content.

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