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For a business man the client is the most worthy asset. As soon as a new client calls in, the excitement and bliss carries a business away .This is like a new opportunity knocking at the door. However, whether or not the new business will end up being good business ,depends on the mind makeup of the business man. To act smart and not hard would help in this regard.

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Frequently, such clients are encountered who demand much of your time. You may be bogged down in dealing with such clients .The agony strikes when all the effort put with over demanding clients end up to nothing. The smart decision would’ve been to choose between over committing with such clients or dealing them until you discover the effort is going to waste and calling off the services you offer.

If they are not your ideal client either and under charge you for your services, to stick to such commitment won’t bring any good. So, the butterflies in your stomach as a new business prospect is discovered mustn’t excite you much to lose the intellect to watch out whether it’s an opportunity to break you or make you.

What matters is where you draw the line, as new business might not always end up being good business.

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