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Instagram is a social media networking application for sharing photos and videos that was launched eight years back in 2010 along a server that often times cracked or smashed. But, in today’s world Instagram is known as one of the most prosperous social media applications in the entire world. It persists to expand, develop and flourish in its recognition and popularity.

  • Increasing popularity of app

The founders of this app had the brilliance and skills of adding laudatory filters and thus to make Instagram a public network. Presently, casual photographers can take photos from their cameras or phones and after taking such photos they feel like they must post these on social media can interact with the popular whom they idolize.

Instagram has a millions of active users and more than about four hundred million people sign up for Instagram every month. It is growing so fast because of its unique and best features which is indeed attracting people to join this app, especially it is the source of attraction for the youth. With more than four hundred millions of active users that sign up Instagram every month and counting, the users of Instagram have justified and confirmed their love for this social media app. obviously, the agnostics would question that how alive and operative that base for active user in real is.

  • More than millions of photos per day are shared on Instagram

Instagram users use Instagram actively and it has been estimated that the total photos shared on the app each day crossed the millions and have reached to half of billions. About forty billion photos are estimated to be shared on Instagram every day of which a considerable number counts on the videos shared on Instagram each day.

  • The Number will exceeds in coming years

As Instagram was procured by another social media site’ Facebook’, its use has been huge and enormous or we can better say ‘its usage is gigantic around the globe’. Presently, users share about ninety million videos and photos every day on Instagram and the founders of Instagram predict that this huge number of sharing photos and videos will increase in the coming years for sure, as he craze of Instagram is taking over the youth in every corner of the world. Other than the mass confirmation or proof in approval of Instagram as one of the best tool for marketing, one might be assuming, but he’s a worldwide business.

  • Used by A greater percentage of women in comparison with men

Instagram is the photo sharing app which one could considered as it is more for girls as about forty percent of women across the world use Instagram while this percentage drops quite low when we ever talk about males using Instagram. Only thirty percent of male population across world is using Instagram.

  • Users of Instagram like millions of posts per day

The logic why of considering Instagram a best an easy place is that  In a market because they see a lot of new posts every day which cheer them up and change their mood. It has been estimated that about number of post that people like every day on Instagram is 4.2 billion. And this number has increased hastily in comparison with last year.