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Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites in the entire world. It along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and other social media constitute hundreds of millions of people. To explain it all, almost every person who has access to the internet and knows how to operate it will have a social media account.

Steps To Hide Your Activity from Followers on Instagram

Go to your profile and tap the 3 lines on the upper right corner.
Tap the gear icon for “Settings”
Tap activity status, slide it to turn it off.


Reasons why Instagram is popular

Instagram has an audience of over 100 million. It houses the accounts of all major celebrities and they consider it the best way to connect with their audience and promote brands and their movies or companies. Moreover, there are thousands of business accounts that are associated with bigger brands. There are also small business setups like people selling clothes and other goods etc.

Instagram is also very versatile as it has different options. You can add stories, pictures, videos along with this all it also has a feature called IGTV where you can add videos up to an hour-long.

But Instagram is a pretty open platform where people can see what you are up to but you can hide it all.

Privacy on Instagram

Instagram allows users to have private accounts and hide things that you are doing from your followers. If I want to hide my activity from followers on Instagram following steps should be followed:

  • The first step is to go to your profile on Instagram and click on three lines that are on the top right corner.
  • The next step is to select settings from the menu that opens when you click on the three lines. There will be three or four other options as well but you need to select the settings menu. It will be on the bottom right corner.
  • Settings will open a new page with many options. Select the ‘Privacy’ menu.
  • There you will have a lot of options regarding your privacy.

The first part of the privacy menu will have an option whether to make your account open to the public or make it restricted so that only your followers can see it. The next part will have options that will restrict people from reacting with you. There are options to disable comments, tags, and mentions and hide stories from people who you want to keep them private from. The last menu will allow you to completely cut off from accounts. It will allow you to restrict and block accounts you want to.

In terms of security, Instagram is very jam-packed. You can restrict selected accounts as well as restrict things like comments and tags etc. Then you can also block people completely so you don’t have to interact with them.

Instagram is undoubtedly a great platform that allows people to display their skills when they don’t get the chance to prove themselves. Along with its versatility, unlike some other social media, it provides great security and privacy options so you can work or use the platform without any interference. These things combine to make Instagram such a popular site in the whole world.