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Beauty attracts everyone, and it is among the primary reasons why people wish to look beautiful. Most of the females tend to put some makeup on all the time in order to add up to their glam. If you are also among such ladies and wish to learn how to make yourself look more fabulous, here are the best beauticians on Instagram who buy 500 instagram followers that you should follow.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill, officially on Instagram as @jaclynhill, is among the females that got fame from YouTube. It was the platform that gave her over 3 million subscribers. Her influence on the makeup and fashion community was so high that she launched her own collection along with Becca Cosmetics. The lady had been working as the MAC makeup artist in the past. If you want yourself to be regularly updated with easy to follow day to day makeup, her Instagram account is the place you need to go to. There, you will find makeup guides, pictures, and some of her personal snaps.

instagram followers beautician


Type @amrezy in your Instagram account search and you will be taken to the account of Amra. She is known in the Instagram best beauticians community as a lady that comes with flawless makeup. She is beautiful, keeps coming up with lavish ideas and beauty tips regularly, and her humor is what takes everyone away.

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You might have seen the Kardashians and thought how come they pop up with such flawless looks. At one side, they have their glam, but on the other hand, they have Hrush. She is the artist that is the mastermind behind the Kardashians makeup, and if you scroll through her Instagram account, you will get to know why it is this way. There, you will find Kardashian and Jenner sisters with their makeup, and that can be a bonus!

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Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan, @hudabeauty, is arguably the lady that built herself from scratch and made it all the way to the top of beauty empire. She was a beauty blogger, who somewhat is still a beauty blogger, but now her primary focus is towards business. The Huda brand is built around her with the famous products including Huda Beauty Lashes, Lip Contour Pencils, etc. She regularly updates her Instagram account with makeup memes, trends, and provide you news about her growing beauty empire. Nevertheless, you will always find motivation for beauty too.

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Patrick Star

This one is perhaps a unique beauty account that you will find anywhere on the internet. Patrick, @patrickstarr, is an excellent inspiration for those of you who want to do something unique and different in the industry. He is a male artist that teaches one thing about makeup which is ‘one size fits all.’ He transforms himself from a man to a glamorous looking chubby queen.


So, these are some of the best beauticians on Instagram that you can follow to flood your feed with beauty tips. Apart from these, you can check out @lydiaathompson, @anastasiabeverlyhills, @carolinehirons, @chloeburcham, @kate.lavie, @gdidwhat, @danimansutti, and @jamiegenevieve.

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