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Social media platform is beneficial for big and small businesses throughout the years. It has become a platform to interact with their consumers, share detail about their products and gives services through image, video, and text.

Instagram is one of the popular application in the market. This application has many users. It gives the opportunity of filtered photos and captions. This platform also provides some functions like photo editing tools, direct messaging and video sharing.

An Instagram Foray into Videos

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media. It has billion of users. And it is also improving day by day. Instagram is not new to video. In June 2013 Instagram followers gives you the opportunity of video sharing when the video content becomes popular.

When snapchot was leading the social media industry because of the feature of the snapchat story. Then in August Instagram has also released the feature of the Instagram story. In which the Instagram user can record and post the video clips and pictures which disappear after the completion of the 24 hours. On Instagram, the users also can preserve their stories with highlights on their profile.

In the November 2016, the Instagram launched the feature of live video in which it allows its user to live stream from their Instagram. You can make a live video for an hour. The viewers can post likes and comments. The followers who missed the live stream can see their saved video in the story of the user profile.

Instagram Launches IGTV

In the June 2018, Instagram launched IGTV. It is a video platform like Youtube. On Instagram, you can upload the video of 10 min to an hour. Videos on social media are in horizontal format while IGTV videos are in vertical format. IGTV is easy to use. Instagram and the Standalone app give you the opportunity of using it. With an Instagram app, you can easily create an IGTV channel.

The well-known brands such as Nat Geo, Chipotle and Netflix are the adopters of IGTV. Chipotle released a short clip on their IGTV channel. In which it showcasing their vast selection of meal. IGTV announced that there will be no limit. Many celebrities and influencers also using it. John Mayer uploads a footage of behind the scene and gives the information about the production process in detail.

IGTV for Everyone

IGTV is not limited just for big brands. Many small and big businesses use it to share content and connect with their audience.

A Canadian woodworking store Blackforest Wood & Co. used IGTV to advertise their production, connect their audience and provide the information to their audience about the types of wood. Blackforest Wood & Co. has weekly uploaded videos called “Wood Wednesday”.

So try the latest feature of Instagram. The use of IGTV on the Instagram is so simple and easy to use. You just have to go on the Instagram and press on the TV icon. Now you can use it and enjoy it.

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