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There was a time when the famous potter, Josiah Wedgwood got members of the royal families to endorse his pottery line. Fatty Arbuckle became one of the first celebrities to endorse a brand in 1905. He endorsed the Murad Cigarettes. This shows that the trend of famous people endorsing brands is quite old. Even today […]

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Parents have a new responsibility to stop their children from spending elaborate hours on social media. If you buy Instagram followers you will see how many children are also using the social media website extensively. The social media websites use attractive strategies for young people to join them. While there is not much harm in […]

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Social media has long been a platform for sharing personal pictures and videos. It is now even a trend to buy Instagram followers in order to have more people involved in your account. From the looks of that their lives seem perfect. From their spotless houses to perfectly planned days, everything just seems to be […]

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Justin Bieber is no new name to a controversy. The twenty three year old singer has been associated with so many controversies that it is hard to keep count. When recently he was in the middle of another one it did not come as a surprise. The young singer was just leaving church around last […]