Social media might be depicting our inner blues

Social media has become an important part of our lives. People even buy 1000 Instagram followers to have more outreach. Some of us love depicting our moods and feelings on social media as well. The pictures and posts we make on social media are quite often a depiction of how we actually feel. In the same context, some studies show that our inner blues lead us to applying darker and greyer filters on the pictures we post. The pictures posted while we feel low tend to have a bluer finish. The studies show that these pictures and filters might be showing signs of depression just like slumped shoulder and deep sighs do. Some software identifies these signs and have a 70% accuracy rate.

In a research around 43,950 pictures were collected from 166 different people. Through their pictures it was evaluated that almost half of them suffered from depression at some point since the past three years. The results from a software programmed by psychologists suggests that the color, shading and brightness of your pictures is a peep inside your moods and emotions. Some of us can really relate to this because at least at one point in time we have used the social media platform to show how we feel. This is specially done when we are going through a rough patch.