Social Media & Instagram Followers Influence On Us

Social media has boomed in the last one and a half decade. The dimensions of social media are unimaginable and so are the ways it can haunt you in. it has a lot to do with followers and outreach. You can even buy Instagram followers to have more outreach. However this large following can sometimes be harmful. Just recently little league removed a junior softball team from World Series. They were disqualified and the reason is none other than social media. It is hard to swallow for some of us that how can social media be the cause of the disqualification of a team.

They posted an inappropriate picture on one of the social media portals which caught the attention of the organizers and also got 1000 instagram followers for $2. The picture showcased unsportsmanlike behavior and caused the removal of the team. This teaches us how one must be really careful with the things we put out there. Social media is a vast playfield and we never when it might turn against us. One must make positive use of the outreach provided to us by social media rather than using it for wrong reasons.