Smartphone might be ruining your life

Social media has taken over our lives with a boom without any doubt. Perhaps the most popular counter narrative that has been doing the rounds ever since the introduction of social media is that social media is taking over all the good things of our lives as well. People have been pretty much invested in their social media life where you can also buy Instagram followers to gain more popularity. However, while being on the phone almost all the time we miss out on most of the good moments around us. Other than that we might be upsetting our life routine. Our sleep cycle is effected and so is our work productivity

If we are to prove this statistically, 75% teenagers own an IPhone and since 20017 loneliness rates amongst teenagers have increased. Being so involved in our smartphones and social media eventually takes us away from the people around us. Our virtual life is impacting our actual life at a dangerously fast pace. There is no doubt about the fact that social media can be quite beneficial but excess of everything is harmful. Limited hours of social media use can make quite a difference.