Politicians might be making a mistake by blocking people on social media


Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, famous politicians have a presence everywhere. You can buy Instagram followers to have as many followers as them but you still can’t compare to the backlash they sometimes have to face. It is very basic to differ with a particular politician’s point of view and it is even more basic to get this message through to them using social media websites. However, is it ok for these politicians to block a user simply because they do not have the same views? Well, no, blocking these people is not the answer.

The reason is simple. Social media like 1000 instagram followers for $3 is a public forum where people from all sorts of mindsets and backgrounds are present and have a voice. It is the politician’s job to listen to the opposing views and either give a counter argument or stay silent. Unless and until the politician is being harassed or bullied, he or she should not go as far so to block the person. This will only fill that person with more resentment and hate. These politicians need to realize that they cannot run away from public forums however it is up to them to stay silent or to answer.