Failing child protection mechanism by YouTube

Social media is a vast virtual world. You can buy Instagram followers Cheap and even have a large YouTube following. Either way you have a huge amount of people for an outreach. This is good but can also have negative consequences if not used properly. Every social media website has a child protection policy. Unfortunately YouTube’s child protection policy is on a downfall. There is no doubt that while the website can be used for the benefit of the children it can also be used to abuse their childhood. The video-sharing website is fully aware of this fact. Their trusted flaggers help them point out any below the belt content.

However these trusted flaggers have concerns now regarding the massive report backlog. These are all a few months old. The company is currently responding to a small section of the inflowing complaints that in anyway endanger child protection. In 2016 around 9000 reports were made by one person and none of them were taken care of. The video sharing website should take care of this if they want it to be healthy and appreciated. Content that is anyway harmful to children should be immediately deleted. It is advisable buy 1000 instagram likes for $1
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