Facebook lands into trouble for Racism

Social media has become quite an influential platform over the past few years. It has an outreach of up to 40% world population which mean people with all sorts of diverse ethnic backgrounds are using various social media websites. Even when we buy Instagram followers we can see that those followers are from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. Keeping this in mind, the social media websites need to be very careful with the sort of trends and options they put out there for the people. They cannot hurt anyone’s feeling or offend anyone with their seemingly biased trends.

Recently Facebook landed themselves in one of these controversies. Their poorly thought through trend of ethnic filters or face swaps did not settle well with people. Some took this as offensive and racists to their ethnicity and culture. The spokesperson for Facebook suggests it is just a way for people to see themselves with darker or lighter skin tones and evolved features however the users of the social media website state it is just an access to a virtual brown face, white face and yellow face. Word has it that Facebook has promised to remove the filters immediately.