We all need a #BadPictureMonday

Everyone who uses social media is well aware of the fact that there are some very stanch standards of beauty set on these websites. People are often seen putting up the perfect selfies with spot on lighting, flawless makeup and hair with not a strand out of place. People also buy Instagram followers to get more exposure for their accounts and pictures. However, we need to think aside from the stereotypical social media standards. We need to realize that getting the perfect selfie every time and looking like a piece of art all the time is not really possible.

The smart thing to do is to accept this fact and wear your everyday look with pride even if you are not perfectly made-up. To spread this message Sonya Renee Taylor created the #BadPictureMonday. The trend is taking heat with even celebrities joining on and posting their not so flawless selfies on Monday. The idea is to make people get in touch with their natural beauty and to discard the superficial beauty standards. The hashtag is trending and people are embracing their inner beauty. It is good to see such encouraging trends on the powerful social media.