According to social media my life is horrible

Social media is extremely important for most of us now. There is a very less amount of population who is not connected to at least one social media website. It has become a part of our routine. Some people also go as far and buy Instagram followers to gain popularity on the social media website. The things you see on different social media websites is not always true. However we still can’t stop ourselves from believing that it is true when we see someone on vacation in Eastern Europe or when someone gets a new SUV and puts up a video of driving it around.

We cannot help but believe that our daily nine to five routine is the most boring life one could have. What we do not understand is that the things people put up on social media is not all there is about life. They go through the daily drill as well and what we see on social media is what they choose to show us. This does not mean they do not have their own sets of problems. Similarly our life also has its perks. We just need to appreciate it more often.